Creating A Good Research Paper On Birth Control Methods

In your decision to undergo research, one of the first things you should consider is the topic you will focus on. Sex education is a very broad topic with many facets that you can choose from, particularly birth control. If this is the direction you decide for your topic to take, the following tips should set you out on the right path.

Define ‘birth control’

There are many methods that have been used recently and in antiquity to prevent conception. Some of them were rarely effective and relied on herbs that had very little useful properties. It is necessary that you clarify which means you are considering and which you are not. To some, abortion is in the same category as other methods of birth control while to others it is a method of terminating an existing pregnancy an therefore very different.

Find a medical explanation of the current methods

There are many different products and techniques used to avoid pregnancy. If you are not careful to use medical terminology in explaining them you could easily confuse yourself and the reader. If you can, ask a family planning professional to give you the most up to date literature available.

Look for the potential benefits

The use of birth control is clearly connected with a greater ability to decide when to conceive but some methods have additional benefits. Menstrual cramps can be reduced and acne cleared up by regular usage of ‘the pill’. These side effects are powerful enough that even women who are not sexually active sometimes use these drugs. Trans-women have also been known to take the pill for it’s feminizing effects.

Look for potential side effects

There have been a range of side effects associated with birth control. Some pills have been associated with weight gain while some implants have led to very bad scarring. Occasionally a product that has been on the market for years will be pulled from the shelves due to blood clots in users or deaths.

Consider the human element

The value in a substance is not just what can be determined by scientists or studies. Talk to the actual users and see how they perceive the pills, IUDs and other things they use to prevent conception.

By the end of your research you should have discovered a few things that can benefit not only women but men as well.

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