How To Use An Example Of An 8-Page Research Paper For Writing Your First Project


It's the daunting task of your first big project. You could realize that coming up with eight pages of fluid content that is relative to the given topic is a little more than you're maybe ready for or that it's possibly not that big of a deal. Ready or not, reports and homework, when assigned, means there's no going back. We're going to move into this with a strategic attack on writing assignments so you can face this first project easily!

Find Examples

A quick internet search will deliver most anything you need for a reference and many times you have probably already used this in research assignments. Finding samples online is fantastic for larger assignments, including term papers. You can also buy homework online when you find a reliable service. Be sure to find examples and thoroughly read through them as you prepare to write.

When you find samples, what you really want to look for is a way to break it down to see the correlation between each paragraph. It also will help you see what types of formats are acceptable for different types of assignments. Each paper or professor sometimes has a different requirement on the formatting involved.

How To Use The Examples

Identify the format of the first page of your eight-page essay through reading and listing next to the paragraph or writing down in outline form what the writer accomplished in that section. The first paragraph of any report should introduce the concepts of the assignment. If it's for a term paper, you should also introduce the aspects of what results you expect to see and why.

For each paragraph following as you are listing what the author has accomplished, aim for action words that relate to writing. Such notes might follow along these lines: “Second paragraph - establishing prevalent information or giving reasons for interest in topic. Action words give you something to work with when you are ready to begin outlining your own assignment.

Between each paragraph side-note that you have made, note between these how they correlate to each other. Is there a jump that doesn't really specify? That's probably something you should avoid in yours. Or as another example: Used information (from previous paragraph) to deliver opinion of how this affects the final results (in second paragraph). Research papers are often the easiest to outline because they do have a natural flow from theory-hypothesis-investigation-conclusive statements. However, it is the aspect of delivering this over the course of eight pages that requires planning and effort on your part.


Whenever you are unsure of how to begin your first writing project, look around for a good example. Don't base your research on what you find in these example essays by any means but review the paper for context rather than content. You now have a grasp on how to take apart an eight-page research paper so that you can construct a similarly formatted essay of your own.

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