Where To Draw Inspiration While Writing A Business Research Paper

When writing a business research paper, draw inspiration from what you love. Think about the topics most interesting to you, and the best presentation of your data.

  • You can transition into what your argument is and how you are going to go about presenting it. Your introductory paragraph should amount to roughly 10% of the total Paper length. So if you are writing a 10 page paper, your introduction should take up one page. If you are writing a short five paragraph essay, your introduction should amount to roughly 1 paragraph. The size of your introductory paragraph is contingent upon the number of pages, but it should never be more than one or two pages unless you are writing a large paper such as a dissertation.
  • The conclusion should be roughly the same length as the introduction or about 10% of the total Length of your paper. When you are writing your conclusion it should mirror your introduction but it should not be a simple rewrite. Your job and the conclusion are to give your readers something final, something to remember about your essay. Your job is to have one sentence, much like the introduction, that coordinates with each of the body paragraphs or main argument ideas you presented. So, if your body text contained three paragraphs, you will need three separate sentences in your conclusion that remind the reader what those paragraphs were each about, and what new evidence you presented.

Once you have written your first draft, it is time for the editing and proofreading phase. This is a phase so often skipped or rushed by students, and yet it can mean the difference between a great grade and a failing grade. After you have written your first draft, it is in your best interest to distance yourself from the assignment for at least one full day. So often when students review their paper, their brain reads what they intended to say rather than the actual text on the screen. By giving yourself space and returning to the paper with fresh eyes, you can catch these errors that could mean the difference between earning a high-grade and earning a low-grade.

When you start the editing and proofreading process, it is important print a hard copy of your essay. The hard copy should be double-spaced giving you room enough to mark on it. You should take a red pen and sit down in a quiet place to review it. Upon first reviewed his best to read the document out loud. Reading the document out love you hope you to find typographical errors.

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