Finding Sources With Sociological Topics For A Research Paper

Finding creditable resources for any research paper can be difficult but if you know were to look then it isn’t that hard to find it.  Online, there are thousands of sources you can use to find resources.  Some of them are:

  • Your School’s Library
  • Social Science Journals
  • Sociology Websites
  • Google or Google Scholar
  • Google Books
  • Encyclopedias
  • The Oxford English and American Heritage Dictionaries

All these sources should help you find what you need, there is also a site that has over a thousand links on it for the subject of sociology, Socsci Research.

Sociological Topics

Now that you know where to find the information you need on the subject of sociology, now it’s time to talk about some possible topics that you can use for your research paper.

  • One topic that has a variety of different topics to choose from is the sociology of health and illness.  You can do your research paper on death and dying, aging, mental illness, disabilities, and so on.  You don’t want it on a topic that is not too board or too limited in the research of the topic.  Like if you pick mental health, make sure you narrow that down to a certain illness or focus on a certain part of the study.
  • Social identity is a good one to do, you can focus on the class, stratification, race, ethnicity, sex, or gender of one group of people.  You can study how a certain group is seen in society and how they fit into it.
  • Internet and society, the Internet has changed to way we do things today and how we function as a society.  How do you thing the Internet will effect society in the future, will it get better or worse?
  • The social psychological aspect of emotions, looking at how people express emotions in a social setting is a good idea for a research paper.  Taking a deeper
  • Sociology of family, all families function differently around people and then in their own house.  Looking at how a family functions and looking at the hierarchy of it can make for good research paper.
  • Consumer culture theory, there have been many studying on how the consumption and behaviors, socially and culturally has changed the world economically and psychologically.  This subject would be interesting to further study for your research paper.   
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