How To Format The Running Head Of An APA Research Paper: Basic Hints

While writing a research paper, you have to take care of various precedents; factors and facets. While you may ignore, in the vast multitude, the validity and importance of format styling, you should endeavor not to commit this mistake.

Limits and regulations

Now, the format style has limits and regulations which actually offer your various segments; Introduction, Method, Conclusion and Reference Page an authoritative façade. Your paper appears original and authentic.

The running head

You start each page with the running head. Here, you need to write ‘Running Head’ with the initials in capital followed by a colon and then the title in all caps. The Title page will have the entire title, even if it is long enough to take two lines. On the right-most corner, you write the page name.

The subsequent pages

The subsequent pages all will have the running head in similar fashion. You will have to however abridge the title so that it gets adjusted in one line. The font will be 12 pts Times New Roman. The entire paper will be in double-spaced type for clarity of vision.

The Reference Page

The importance of format style actually comes to the fore in the Reference page and Appendix page. In the Reference page, you have to align the resources you have utilized in a systematic and methodical manner. There are strict rules you ought to follow if you go the APA way.

The cultured footnote

The Appendix page covers the footnotes and tables. Here also, different format styles ask them to be presented in different fashion. You should preferably go through other eminent APA samples to get an idea of how the style has to be abided by.

The Title Page

However, it all starts from the Title page onwards. Incidentally, the title finds its way twice on the Title page; once on the Running Head and the second time on the upper half of the page in a centered format. Here, the letters are small with only the initials in capital.

Furnishing the paper

When you furnish a research paper, you realize that it is not an essay or a casual piece of writing; it has been methodized by your sweat. Thus, you pine for the instruments that can adumbrate it with a dash of class and culture. Format styling gives that clue.

Make sure not to mess with the running head, wherever you plan to head with the paper.

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