How to come up with an interesting topic for a research paper

If you are writing a research paper one of the first steps is to come up with an interesting topic. The topic is what guides your research and your writing. The topic is what lays the foundation for your thesis.

When writing a thesis, it is very important for you to take a lot of care. You should take time before you come up with an essay to avoid discouragements in future when your paper is rejected. You should also take time to read what has been written by different people. You simply don’t want to keep repeating what other writers have written. Your topic should be original and straight to the point. However, you can also take another person’s thesis and ‘transplant’ it into other perspectives. For instance, in economics, you can use tools of today’s times to argue the role of traditional guilds in the development of western settlements. Alternatively, you can take a study did in China and write a thesis about it in your country’s perspective.

The thesis that you come up with is the most important aspects of your essay. It will help you to organize materials that you are using to come up with better results.


To support your argument, you should come up with solid facts that you can always cite. Do the research to find out the concepts that you want to address. The sources should be approved by the academic institution. It should include: books, magazines and peer reviewed journals. The sources should not always support your argument. They might be opposing what you want to write about. This will form a base of arguing well.

The first thing that you do in all this is to come up with a topic which you are interested in. There are very many topics which you can decide to write on. You also need to gather the evidence and the sources which you will use to create a case for your argument. Title selection and selecting the materials are the most important parts of creating a thesis. You should screen these sources well to ensure that you build a quality case. Below are some of the most popular topics to write about.

  • Traditional empires
  • Use of internet to market
  • The history of Lakers Island
  • History of America
  • History of Airplanes
  • Human trafficking
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