Finding new topics for an argumentative research paper

Here are some suggestions to look out for when choosing out an argumentative essay. Under each point is an example you are welcome to use as your own, or for inspiration.

Be opinionated

A good argumentative research paper should always be completely based on your opinion, as well as the facts to back that opinion up. This usually includes a lot of confidence and conviction in what you’re writing about, so stand behind what you write and don’t doubt yourself. Exude confidence in ever sentence.

An example of an opinionated argumentative research paper: Beauty pageants are an important part of a country’s culture and pride

Be controversial

An argumentative research paper that lacks a bit of controversy will probably fail to grip your reader. This is no time to hide your feelings, so go bold with your argumentative topic.

An example of a controversial argumentative research paper: Bin Laden was a red herring used by the US government to cover up a false flag attack on America

Be original

If you choose a topic that’s unexpected, you’ll immediately catch your teacher’s attention. He or she will pay more attention due to the curiosity you’ve sparked in them with your topic. Try to choose something that no one else would even think of on a good day.

An example of an original argumentative research paper: Women should be opposed to


Be educated

When writing an argumentative research paper, it’s important to back up your argument with lots of facts. Show your reader that you’re not just arguing for the sake of getting an assignment done. Put some conviction into your content and show that you’re an authority on your subject.

An example of an educated argumentative research paper: Evidence that spanking your children will have adverse affects on their social skills later in life

Be believable

It really adds a lot of persuasion if your topic and content are easy to perceive for the reader. Being believable means helping someone see something in a way they never thought of before. You can do a lot more with your content if your topic already exposes an inspired solution to a problem.

An example of a believable argumentative essay: If every person skipped one meal a month, millions of meals could be provided for children in starving countries

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