Looking for good topics for science research papersĀ 

When you are tasked with writing a science research paper there are many ways that you can find a good topic. You can look up good topics for your research paper from:

  • Your science textbooks
  • Previous courses
  • Academic journals
  • Science shows
  • Books
  • The internet

The first place you should consider looking for any potential topics that relate to your field and your class is the textbooks that were assigned to you. These textbooks have a variety of options in them for a research paper. You can look through the headings and the subheadings to find a topic direction and from there develop a thesis that applies to the topic.

If your textbook is not interesting to you then you can look through your course notes or any lecture materials you have. See if there was a topic or a discussion about which you want to learn more. See if you took notes on a subject that you would not mind learning more about.

You can apply this same method to previous courses. You can peruse previous course notes as well as textbooks for any headings or subheadings that might work well as a topic for your research paper.

If these still do not interest you then you might have to get involved in a bit of leg work at the start. You can brainstorm the things that are interesting to you and consider what you enjoy reading. From there you can take your list of things and look for related academic journals. Every school library should have a database online that you can use to find academic journals hosted online or in the library. You can look for the keywords that interest you and see if there are any relevant searches that arise. These searches can be used to find a suitable topic or a direction for the topic of your choosing.

The same tactic can be used on books. You can look for books that relate to the field you are studying or the topic you have in mind. Watching science shows may introduce you to new topics or new research that is currently happening in your field. The internet also offers many academic resources that can help you find a good science research paper topic. You can search your course title or some of the keywords in your textbook and see what topics pop up.

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