Summarize Your Arguments Effectively When Creating A Term Paper

Writing an argumentative term paper requires effectively reminding the reader of your argument. The typical term paper has several locations where writers can share their arguments with the readers. When writing a term paper, no writer should be overtly obvious in the attempt to summarize arguments; they should be subtle.

Actual Argument Location #1: Introduction

The first place you should put your argument is in the introduction. After you have presented your hook and some background information about your argument, you place the claim - your actual argument - at the end of the introduction. This is the most obvious location for your claim. Your reader should instantly recognize your claim near the end of the introduction section. However, you should never directly tell your readers that you are writing your claim. The sentence should read like an argument.

Subtle Reminder Location: Body Paragraphs

Your body paragraphs serve as little argumentative term papers. Each body paragraph has a topic sentence with supporting facts and explanations. These pieces serve to support the claim in the introduction. In order to keep the claim in mind, each paragraph should have a linking sentence placed near the end that connects the point of the paragraph back to the claim. This little summary will remind the readers about your actual argument. Like the claim, it is best to be subtle about the summarizing link. To do this, writers simply need to include key words rather than tell the reader what the sentence is doing.

Opposing Argument Location: Counterargument

If your term paper includes a counter-argument, you can use this section as another place to remind your readers why your argument is correct. This is done by showing why the counterargument is wrong. You will have to be a bit artistic with your words in the counterargument and this location can actually be one of the most effective places to summarize your argument.

Actual Argument Location #2: Conclusion

The conclusion is last location in the term paper where you can remind the readers of your argument. Your conclusion should restate the claim in new words along with reminding your readers of the most effect arguments that you included throughout the paper. Again, it is best to avoid directly addressing your readers and being too obvious about telling your readers about the argument. Readers are savvy and they will be able to recognize a well-crafted and subtly summarized argument.

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