A List Of Hot Term Paper Topics For University Students

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what you want to write about for an important paper. As a university student, you want to produce high quality college level work. A strong topic is a great starting place for a successful paper. Below we have outlined some of the major areas of study in college and some of the interesting topics that fall within these subjects.


  • Religion: The pope of 2015 compared to Catholic Pope’s of the past. What are the pro’s and con’s to a more liberal leadership?
  • Literature: Who were the influential author’s of early North America? What types of writing do we see come out of this era?
  • Art: What are some contemporary art movements? What media are artists using that were not used in the past?
  • Philosophy: Does infinity exist?
  • Religion: What are the major differences between Asian religions to Christian-based religions? Where do we see similarities—if any?

Social Science

  • Anthropology: What kinds of dating techniques are used in anthropological study? Are some dating techniques more reliable than others? What has modern technology brought?
  • Archaeology: Where did the study of archaeology begin? Who was influential in early archeology and what did their findings bring to the field?
  • Economics: Why does the GDP reveal the health of our economy? What are some unique ways we could improve our country’s GDP?
  • Gender Studies: Have we truly progressed with women’s equality? What issues do we still combat currently?
  • Geography: What proves Pangea.? What is known about your current location in respect to Pangea?

Natural Sciences

  • Physics: What are the limits of roller coasters? What are the biggest coasters we have seen? Are there any fatal incidents in which physics were pushed beyond limits?
  • Chemistry: Why do Mentos explode in Diet Coke? The science behind strange household reactions.
  • Biology: The biology of vaccinations. What do they contain and how do they react with your body?
  • Earth Science: What is the result of tectonic plate movement? What kind of activity has been seen recently that we know of?
  • Space Science: What does the one-way trip to Mars entail? What will the experience of passengers likely be in a scientific, physiological and spatial sense?

Formal Sciences

  • Mathematics: How is math used in the Quantum Theory?
  • Computer Sciences: How secure are our computers with the rise of technology? What are some steps you can take to protect your personal computer’s privacy?
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