A List Of Solid Political Science Research Paper Topics

Writing a political science research paper requires students to compose an in-depth study of an original and interesting topic. Usually it just takes a little brainstorming to develop some good ideas, but even then some students find it hard to make the time for this and will find themselves in desperate need of a list to choose from. We’re making it easier and providing a list of solid topics for you to consider:

  1. African civil war and the use of children in militias. Discuss the efforts of foreign nations to intervene in the several African civil wars and how efforts are being made to end the use of children.
  2. College athletic opportunities and Title IX. Discuss how this landmark U.S. federal civil right has been successful (or unsuccessful) in bringing more female student athletes to college and the ways in which it can revised for improvement.
  3. The Tibetan occupation by China and global opposition. Explain the evolution of the world’s reaction to and opposition of the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Is this still a hot topic?
  4. The World Bank and the debt crisis in extremely poor nations. The World Bank is set up to assist nations develop or rebuild after disasters, but often puts nations into insurmountable debt.
  5. Latin American countries, globalization and perception in the media. Various trade agreements between the U.S. and Latin American countries have led to drastically different economies, placing the U.S. among the leading nations to benefit international trade.
  6. The origins of globalization and the anti-globalization movement. Discuss the evolution of globalization and how nations of reacted. What does the future hold for globalization?
  7. The anti-slavery movement and writing the writing the 14th amendment. How did he anti-slavery movement figure into how the 14th amendment was written? While the two are linked, many historians suggest the two are mutually exclusive.
  8. The struggle of women to earn an equal pay. For decades there have been many efforts to bring equal pay for women, however, studies show that the difference is still staggering. Short of legislation.
  9. Affirmative Action initiatives, their evolution and devolution. It’s been over two decades since affirmative action initiatives were first introduced in the U.S. What have been the effects?
  10. Telecommunications Policy in North Korea. Discuss the telecommunications policy in North Korea. How does the western world view the policy? Is it a violation of civil rights?
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