Good Psychology Research Paper Topics: Study New Issues

When you are going to write a psychology research paper, you want to find a subject or topic that hasn’t been done before.  But where can you find out about a new issue that is innovative and fresh.  You can find new topics by starting your research on what has already been done before in the area that you are studying.  Looking at this will give you ideas on where you want your paper to go and can help give you your topic. 

The best way to find a new issue that hasn’t been studied before is to look at recent news on the subject of your topic.  This will give you tons of ideas of new topics for your psychology research paper. 


The following topics are general ideas of psychology topics that you can use to start your research or maybe spark an idea on a topic you might want to use as your topic.

  • Addiction:  Addiction is considered a psychological problem that can be treated by medication like most psychological disorders.  You can choose to go a few ways with this topic. 
  • Depression:  Depression treatments have come a long way since it has first been diagnosed.  You can look at this history or study what strides have been taken in recent years to treat it. 
  • Personality:  The psychology of someone’s personality is a good general topic that you can work from in your research. 
  • Ethics and Morality:  How certain people’s thought process works during times where they have to consider the ethics or morality of something could be a good topic for your paper.
  • Gender:  Since there are more than two genders you can research what each gender means to the people that call themselves that gender. 
  • Environment:  A person’s environment can have psychological ramifications on how they are as adults or even how a child reacts to certain situations. 

All these general topics should give you some idea of what you can do for your topic.  The first thing you should do is read psychology journals or magazines that will give you current studies that are being researched.  These new studies will give you fresh ideas for your topic and open up the door to a new issue that you might not have thought about before.  Since you will be choosing a topic that is new, make sure you check with your instructor before you start doing your research.  You don’t want to do all that work and then not be able to use the topic.

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