How To Write An Outline For A Research Paper And Simplify The Writing Process

Every student and particularly every college student will be asked to write many a research paper. This type of activity draws on a number of skills. Obviously you have to be able to conduct relevant and sufficient research. You then have to be able to glean from your research information which you will include in your research paper. And finally you have to be able to write an essay which addresses the topic all answers the question. These are three essential skills required to produce a quality research paper. But part of the process of creating this research paper involves writing an outline.

Knowing how to write an outline and do so properly is potentially a huge help to the success of your research paper. So knowing what is required in writing an outline and knowing how to simplify this tech TV will make the writing process smoother, quicker and more productive.

What is an outline for a research paper?

An outline is a plan, it is a map, it is the architect's drawing for the building of the house. Imagine the difficulty any builder would have if the architect's plans or drawings are sloppy, incomplete or difficult to follow. In creating an outline for your papers, you are creating a map for you to go on a journey. The journey is writing a research paper. So, common sense tells you that the clearer and more detailed and more relevant your map is, the easier your journey will be, which of course translates to meaning your research paper will be a cracker.

The thesis statement is of extreme importance. This goes at the top of your page. You spend time working on your thesis statement to make sure it is as short as possible, as clear as possible and as strong as possible. Now that you have your fine-tuned thesis statement, you set about creating your outline.

What are the main points you wish to make in your research paper? The usual process is to have one major point in every paragraph. So immediately your outline will have a major heading of a major point spread out down your page. Now beneath each major heading you list minor points. Each one of these minor points must support the major point above it. This is the evidence or the factual information you use to substantiate your major point.

Refine your outline. Have you got too many minor points for each major point? Have you got too few minor points? Does each minor point genuinely support the major heading above it? The harder you work at the creation of your research paper outline, the easier it will be for you to write well. Let's face it, the actual writing of the research paper will take some time. But if you have done enough relevant research, taken notes to support your research paper and then created the perfect outline as listed above, you are in a perfect position to write a brilliant research paper.

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