Where To Go In Order To Find A Sample Title Page For A Research Paper Quickly

It's difficult to overstate the importance of making a good first impression when writing a research paper. If the professor or teacher marking your paper notices mistakes early on, they are likely to form a negative attitude towards the entire research paper, and will be more likely to give a lower mark as a result. One of the best ways to avoid making a bad impression is to have a properly formatted title page, which conforms to all the requirements of whatever style you have been asked to use.

Unfortunately, keeping up to date with all the different formatting styles for title pages is extremely difficult, particularly if you are taking a wide variety of courses that use different formatting style guides. Rather than trying to learn and remember the rules for every individual style, it's better to simply find guides and samples online when you have to write a research paper.

University Guides

The best place to find a sample title page is on your university's website. Often the English department, or whichever department is most closely related to the paper you are writing, will have a short style guide which they have created to help students. These guides frequently contain samples to illustrate their advice.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

If your own university or school doesn't have a website which can help you, then one of the best resources available is the Purdue Online Writing Lab. It features many different tips and guides for all forms of writing, including sample title pages using many different style guides.

Google Images

This is probably the simplest solution if you are literally only looking for a sample title page. Just type 'sample title page' along with whatever style you are using in Google and look at the images. Unless you are using an extremely obscure style guide, there should be hundreds of examples online for you to look at.

Identifying the Style

If you don't know what style you have to use, then it will be very difficult to find a good example. These are the four most common styles used at universities worldwide:

  • American Psychological Association¬†(APA) Style
  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • Harvard Style
  • Associated Press (AP) Style

The best way to find out what style you should be using is to look in your course handbook (if you have one). Failing that, simply ask your professor or teacher.

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