Composing A Strong Research Paper About Mental Illness: Helpful Suggestions

If you're composing a strong research paper about mental illness and you need some helpful suggestions and consider the following tips:

  1. The first tip is truly understand the purpose of the research paper. The research paper is a more scientifically driven type of writing compared to creative pieces that you may been assigned in the past. Your job here is to thoroughly and adequately research a particular topic and from their present your findings to the reader such that they can see what contributions you have made to the field in your exploration. In many cases students have the option of choosing between quantitative or qualitative work. Qualitative work focuses more on things like case studies and involves significantly less statistics or laboratory experiments. Quantitative work on the other hand is very numerically driven and is often reserved for experimentation that you personally conduct.
  2. The second tip is to truly understand your topic and pick something that you can adequately cover within the span of pages allowed. When you are writing about mental illness, you need to make sure that you reduce this larger subject down to a specific topic and from there down to a specific hypothesis that you can test in the number of pages you have. If you are only allowed 10 pages than covering one type of mental illness is still far too broad. But covering how one type of mental illness is prevalent in one city in America or one specific age group might be something that you can better complete in the number of pages you have at your disposal. Your goal is to make sure that you can comprehensively provide background information and analyze your topic. If you have any apprehensions you can always ask your teacher to approve the topic before you continue the rest of your writing process.
  3. The third tip is to take the time you need to thoroughly research. The sooner you start on this process the better quality your final piece will be. Just because you have three weeks before it is due does not mean that you should wait until one week to get started. Think over topics immediately. Start your research as soon as possible so that you can see what information exists already on your topic. Start drafting notes and organizing your reference material so that you can be prepared for your first draft as soon as possible.
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