Where To Find A Good Research Paper Reference Page Sample

Do you need to write a reference page for your research paper? Are you struggling to get it right? Well, we’ve got the answer! Find a few excellent quality samples to learn from! Carry on reading to find out exactly how to get hold of a few great research paper reference page samples to help you along.

Which formatting style should you use?

Before you start hunting for a decent example of a research paper reference page, you need to find out exactly which formatting style you should use. This is because the particular formatting style you use has a major impact on how your bibliography will look. There’s no point in your finding a whole lot of examples of bibliographies, only to discover that they’re useless to you because they’ve been written according to the wrong formatting style. There are a number of different formatting styles available, such as the APA style, the MLA style and the Chicago style. So, start by asking your lecturer which formatting style you’re expected to use. That way you may end up dodging a time consuming mistake.

Which websites can you check?

As is so often the case, you can find exactly what you need on the Internet. Start by using a good search engine, as that may lead you to an excellent example of a research paper reference page. Just make sure you use very specific search terms, so that you don’t end up with nothing but advertising websites. Next, try looking on essay websites, academic writing websites, and even university websites. All of these sites are likely to have a few great examples that you can use. While some sites will charge you a fee to access their content, many won’t, so you don’t need to spend any money to get a decent example.

Which books can you use?

Another way to find decent examples is to try looking in textbooks about academic writing, as they often have a few samples to illustrate their pointers. Also don’t forget to try searching through a few academic journals, as they have many articles with proper reference pages. If you don’t have any suitable textbooks or academic journals, go to your local library and borrow a few there.

Who can you ask?

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask people you know if they have any examples that you can use. Try asking your lecturer, your tutor or mentor, your university friends, or even an older sibling for some examples. They may have exactly what you’re looking for.

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