Key Points For Developing A Good Topic For Your Psychology Research Paper

All students will have to conduct some type of research paper in their academic tenure whether for high school or a bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate or law degree. Psychology however is a discipline that can conduct some of the most fascinating research topics for schoolwork. Some ways to develop good psychology topics are:

  • Social Experiments
  • Research Founders
  • Library Research
  • Watching The News
  • Reading Books

Social Experiments

One of the most exciting things for a student of psychology to do is watch how a person interacts on their own and in group settings. Students can determine the difference between why the human mind acts differently in a social setting than by themselves, to include ideas of peer pressure and leadership.

Research Founders

The founders of thoughts of research in psychology can serve as a good way to research into more psychology topics. Learning about how people like Freud, Piaget or Pavlov came to develop some of the most prestigious schools of thought when it comes psychology. In order to develop a good paper in psychology, it is best to study and research the people that helped develop how the fields came to be and then compare them to how the schools of thought are today.

Library Research

Psychology is one of those disciplines that requires a lot of library research in order to research individual psychological theories. Although most psychology experiments will be conducted on person’s in a lab setting, students must develop their topics by researching how the mind works and what goes wrong when people suffer from any type of psychological disorder.

Watching The News

Unfortunately rapes, robberies and murders occur every day all around the world. If a student were to actively watch the nightly news, it might trigger an idea as to researching why someone decided to murder a specific group of people. This also makes most psychology students attempt to develop the reasoning behind why people do the terrible, or even good, things that they do before they can even associate it with text.

Reading Books

The best way for a psychology student to develop any type of research paper is to read and re-read anything they can get their hands on. Students can read about serial killers, psych maniacs and persons that were simply misdiagnosed and perhaps would not have committed any crimes if they had the proper diagnoses and/or medication.

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