List of Custom Written Term Papers Topics on Biology


Biology is the study of living organisms that is divided into many sub categories such as: physiology, anatomy, behavior, morphology, and distribution. These sub categories covers a wide range to help us better understand people, animals, and plants down to the cellular level. When a person takes biology, normally you will have to write a few papers. Every once in a while we all need help coming up with ideas for everything.


Topics Concerning Humans

We humans are notorious for doing things that are really bad to our bodies. With that in mind I know we can think of quite a few different topics that pertain to us, that would be a great paper to write. Below, there will be a detailed list of topics that pertain to our human biology.

  • Breast disorders in men- This is a topic that can be researched to explain why a man would grow breasts when he obviously should not.
  • Effects of Smoking on the Female reproductive system- This one we can use to explain if smoking has any abnormal effects on  women’s’ reproductive system when they are trying to conceive, pregnant, or after giving birth.

Animal Biology

Animals have been around since the dawn of time and usually stick to what their diet has been for thousands of years, meat. Since humans began domesticating animals, let us see what kind of topics we can come up with for them.

  • Domestication vs Natural Habitat- Explain how domesticated exotic animals are different from the same animals in their natural habitat.
  • Store Brand dog food compared to name brand- Explain which is better for an everyday dog, which one may cause problems, and if either one is better than canned dog food.

Cellular Biology

Humans, animals, and plants are all made up of cells. Our DNA is what makes one talk, bark, and flow with the wind. Cellular biology is one of the top researched fields in the world. People want to know what makes us tick. 

  • Chimeras in humans- Explain why some people have two different types of genetically distinct cells. How does this make those few rare people their own twin? How would this affect future cell harvesting in the future?

There are a myriad of topics in biology that you could write a paper about. These just barely touch on a tiny few subjects.

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