How to Write a Research Paper in the APA Format: Citation Samples

Working in APA (American Psychological Association) format, has a lot of features required. One of these is how to cite a resource. Citing a resource is important, because it acknowledges the author of the work used. If the work is not cited, that is plagiarism, and will get a paper dismissed very quickly. It can also cause other issues for the student writing the paper, as there are legal ramifications to plagiarism. So how to cite a resource in APA? Let's take a look.

  1. Journals
  2. Books
  3. Electronic


Here are different methods for citing. PC = Paragraph Cite, BR = Bibliography cite.

  • One Author
  • More than One Author
  • Interview
  • One Author with more than One Article Cited
  • Authors with same Last Name

One Author

PC, (Author last name, date)

BR, Author, (date). Title, publication, number, pages.

More than One Author

PC, 2 Authors (Last Name & Last Name, Date, Pg Number)

PC, more than 2 Authors (Last Name, Last Name, Last Name, Date) first time

Any time after that, (Name,, date)

BR, 2 Authors, Name, & Name, Date, Title, Publication, number, pg.

BR, more than 2 authors, Name, Name, Name, & Name, Date, Title, Publication, Number, Pg.


According to the 6th Edition APA, in recorded format, use the appropriate citing format. If it is an electronic recording, use the electronic format, in journals, use that style, and so on.

If it is an interview the writer did, then (Name, month day, Year)

One Author with more than One Article Cited

PC, (Last Name, date a) Next one would be like this, (Last Name, date b), and so on.

BR, Use the proper format for referencing.

Authors with the Same Last Name

PC, (First Initial, Last Name, First Initial, Last Name, Date)

BR, First Initial, Last Name, First Initial, Last Name, Date, Title, Publication, Number, Pg.


PC, This will follow the Journal rules, in all aspects.

BR, Author, Date, Title: Subtitle if needed, Publisher, Location of Publisher


PC, (Last Name, Date) if at all possible. If no Author is given, use title and date, If no date is given, (Title, N.D.)

BR, Last Name, First Initial, (date). Title: Subtitle is applicable, Pg, Retrieved From Website URL

There are many variations here, based off from different resources, refer to APA Handbook.

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