How to Compose Suitable Research Paper Topics for Education

When looking at topics for education, the papers need to address real-world issues. Thus the composition of the topics needs to be based on this idea. It is easier to do, once the realm has been broken into components that are much easier to pick from. Also, using what the student is more knowledgeable in is a valid point. This is just like any other paper, write about what the student is more familiar with. Here are a few topics that can give the student some ideas.

  1. Administration
  2. Philosophy
  3. At-Risk Students
  4. Curriculum Development
  5. Early Childhood Education


Administration is a important factor in education. Directing how the school is operated, importing new ideas, and scheduling time; all makes for running a school effectively. Showing how much the student understands this is a major point for their career. Bringing in new ideas through their paper can also help the student later out of school.


A good paper on one of the many educational philosophies can help the student expand their abilities. This is because much of what they will be doing is dealing with issues that are not always taught. Covering ideas like; the value of art in school, academic disciplines, mainstreaming education, and introducing literature, are strong points. These can have major effects on their students when the students start teaching.

At-Risk Students

Anyone knows the issues of at-risk students that is studying in this field. Showing what the student has learned and what they see can be improved on is beneficial. Topics like; Dealing with gifted students, dealing with challenged students, Students from bad home environments, all show the student has learned their material. It can also show an understanding of that education major towards their goal.

Curriculum Development

It is impossible to run a class without developing a curriculum. So in this, the student can show how they have learned this needed skill. From this topics can be; Acedamia, curriculum development, multi-cultural education, and introducing technology into the classroom. All of which are important information the student will need.

Early Childhood Education

Dealing with the younger kids is a different challenge, as they are just developing their ability to understand. Working with that takes a little more effort, but is very gratifying. These topics could be; toddlers with learning disabilities, beginning literature, basics of numbers. All of which will be useful.

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