Academic tips for students: how to write a presentation paper

You thought having to write an essay was bad, now you are being introduced to the evil presentation paper. Take a deep breath and relax, here are some tips to help get you through any presentation paper.

Where to start

Everything you do has a starting point and an end result. The hard part is getting from point A to point B. The goal is to write a well-organized and informative presentation paper, or point A.

I have my topic, but what is next?

The next step is to find information to fill in the blanks between start and finish. You want to portray an adequate and interesting amount of information. Something that will keep your audience interested throughout the entire presentation. Think of it as a board game, each space in between is a required bit of information to get to the end.

So what is the starting point?

The starting point, or Point A, starts with a theory, or thesis. It is important to pick a topic and develop a thesis statement. This allows you to see where you start; now you have to find the other points in between start and finish. It sounds simple and it can be if you relax and look at the tips provided.

Know the guidelines or requirements

  • What is the minimum amount of time for the presentation
  • What is the maximum amount of time for the presentation
  • How many visual aids do you need (if any)
  • How many sources is required
  • Is there a minimum amount of points that need to be covered
    • Examine who the audience will be

      • Other students
      • School Board
      • Conference
      • Teachers

      What resources are available to use during your presentation

      • Overhead Projector
      • Props
      • Microphone
      • Another student or colleague
      • Wi-Fi

      All these tips can help create a great presentation paper. The most important thing, determine if your topic fits the set requirements. Consider using visual aids to help convey your message; these can keep the audience entertained. Always consider your audience so you can determine the accurate way to present the information. Make sure to scout out the area you will be delivering your presentation. Look around and see what resources are available to use during the presentation. Presentations are much like an essay. The difference is instead turning in a silent essay; you have to present your information to an audience.

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