Business management research paper topics

If you are writing a research paper in the field of business management and are unsure of what topics to you for your final piece you can review the example list below. Bear in mind that this list is only a cursory list that should help to guide you toward selecting a topic appropriate for your assignment:

  • You can write about cyber security and how businesses should manage it
  • You can write about how businesses can integrate e-business into their daily operations
  • You can write about the ethics of being a business manager
  • You can address the issue of the glass ceiling as it relates to businesses in your area or in another area
  • You can address the use of outsourcing work and how it influences sweatshops around the world
  • You can address the rate of white collar crime and what can be done to stop it

If you are still struggling you can review this excerpt from a paper on enrolment management:

Enrollment Management Literature Review

Enrollment management is a means of describing strategies and tactics in higher education which are meant to shape enrollment in specific institutions and meet pre-established goals. Enrollment management functions as an organizational concept alongside a set of activities which are meant to ensure that educational institutions can exert more control in terms of student enrollment (Huddleston, 2000, p. 68).

Generally enrollment management includes marketing techniques, retention programs, increased financial aid, and admission policies. These strategies are designed based upon collection and analysis of data and are responsible for predicting successful enrollment outcomes. Those activities which produce measurable improvements are continued and revised for expansion if possible. However, activities which do not produce measureable improvements are restructured or discontinued. Restructuring activities to recruit students is the main emphasis for enrollment managers (Drumm, 1989, p. 47).

In recent years, colleges and universities which have implemented enrollment managers have seen increased success in terms of student enrollment, particularly when financial aid is increased or spread out in smaller percentages to more students. Enrollment management offices direct and coordinate efforts from multiple offices across campus including student services, registration, admissions, and financial aid (Drumm, 1989, p. 47).

Typical aims associated with enrollment management in modern university and college settings include increasing inquiry, applications, and enrollment. Increasing revenue generated by students who are not acceptant of any form of financial aid. It also extends to increasing the diversity of the incoming classes, retention rates, and applicant pools (Drumm, 1989, p. 47).

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