What Are Suggested Holocaust Research Paper Topics For Students?

Many people refer to the Holocaust as a tragic event that should have never taken place. A large number of people, especially Jews, lost their lives for no reason. There were violent events that took place during this time and some feel other countries could have done more. This is a prime example of how complex politics can be and how challenging things were during this time period. The following ideas can help you explore possible topics students can use for research paper writing.

    Different ways people died during the Holocaust that is often not talked about. How did non-Jewish victims suffer from this event and why? Could the Holocaust have been prevented? What could have been done to put a stop to it? Can this event repeat itself in other countries? How would we know and what warning signs would come ahead of it?
  • What were Jewish people against leaving Germany?
  • Segregation among Jews: was it necessary?
  • What are things people should know about this event?
  • Examining books and movies that explored the Holocaust.
  • Leadership during the holocaust from 1933 through 1939.
  • What were the first concentration camps like? Why were they later expanded?
  • What other world events were going on during the Holocaust?
  • Why were disabled people murdered?
  • What happened during rescue attempts in helping victims become free?
  • How did survivors of the event cope?
  • What happened to people that were misplaced during and after the Holocaust?
  • How did Jewish people live in Europe during this time period?
  • Nazis and power: how did they rise and fall from power.
  • How did this event start and what brought it to an end?
  • What are things people should know about the event that is not taught in school?
  • How did other countries get involved and which one made the biggest impact?

Where to Find Possible Holocaust Topics

This event was extremely traumatic for thousands of people. Because of this there will be plenty of documentation related to the events. There are various areas online and places you can visit that provide more insight on Holocaust events. You may get ideas from old photographs related to the event. There are museums with artifacts from the event that may spark ideas. There are government websites that provide topic ideas they suggest research students complete. Think about other wars that were going on possible aftermath in relation to the Holocaust.

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